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April 1 , 2008

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Let The Rides Begin!

We are here, in our gear, and the time has arrived, when our motorcycle engines will be music to the ear!

At Spokes-Women’s March general meeting, Adrienne (a.k.a. Age) spoke on the upcoming 2008 Ride Schedule.  Age did a great job and a handout will be provided as soon as a few ride destinations are finalized.

Age has planned rides that should appeal to both the more experienced riders and those riders that may want further experience under their helmets.

What I thought was very important, useful and worth repeating in April’s monthly message were the items Adrienne mentioned that should be kept with your motorcycle when riding.

Here is the list:

  1. A turkey baster – In case you run out of gas another motorcycle can lend some.
  2. Plastic Cable Ties – Will keep parts attached, such as wires or loose levers.
  3. Flashlight – Make sure it works.
  4. Emergency ponchos – Will keep your body warm if you get rain soaked.
  5. Map – In case you leave the group and want to know the way home.
  6. Tool kit – For minimal repairs such as removing your seat to reach the battery.
  7. Scissors – Always handy.

Three suggestions that I would add to the list:

  1. Duct tape
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Snacks (you know me!)

Again, I want to thank Adrienne for a first class presentation.  One last note, on our next ride, Age will be giving a prize to the member that has all of the above items.

Ride safe, have fun!

Pat Gwozdz

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