August Announcements
The AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference
August 19-22, 2009, Keystone, Colorado For more information go to

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The approved courses offered by the State of New Jersey and Non-State facilities can be found at:

Discounts to Spokes-Women Members Monmouth Cycles in Middletown, 30% over cost on parts 

A Thank You Note

for our participation in the

 Embassy Suites 


Dear Trick-or-Suite Host:

 This is my third year bringing my son Nicholas who has cerebral palsy  to Trick-or-Suite, and I felt I finally had to be sure of something

 Just  in  case the smiles on the children's faces aren't enough to tell you what  fabulous and special people you are for doing this, I'm telling you now!  It takes a very special person to give their time, energy and spirit to an  event like this.

 My son is only 6 years old but to this day he still remembers his very  first Trick-or-Suite and I'm sure he always will.   I just wanted to tell you that each and every one of you is guaranteed a  "special place in heaven" for what you do here every year. Thank you  soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!

 Most gratefully,
 Andrea & Nicholas Tritini

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