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March 1 , 2008

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March Madness....

Have you been sighing as you look lovingly, longingly at you motorcycle?  Have you started to pace from window to window wondering when the snow will melt, the wind turn warmer and the day grow longer?  Well if you have, then you’re suffering from March Madness!  The time of the season when you just can’t take another minute of being indoors, and your counting the days until you can turn off the artificial light and step into real light; glorious spring sunshine!

Yes, I know, the polar bear riders do not experience this malady!  However, for the rest of us…we need to take action!  You know the routine, so let’s get busy!  If you’re not inclined to doing the actual scheduled maintenance yourself, then make that appointment at the dealership.  Check your motorcycle maintenance handbook to know what is required to riding safe and preventing possible breakdowns.  There is plenty of help on the internet or in book stores as to what maintenance is required at specific intervals.

Next, make sure you are physically prepared to using those muscles that may have been neglected over the winter months.  Especially those in your hands where engaging your break and clutch levers become a problem, and go unnoticed until you are on a long ride. A few exercises now will help ward off fatigue later.

More importantly, review safety instructions from your Rider’s Education material.  Start taking short rides to remove the cob webs!  Practice maneuvers that call for balance...stopping on hills, figure eights, right hand and left hand turns.  Be prepared to handle unexpected road conditions.  Remember, a great many potholes appear with the spring thaw, so be ready for early spring road conditions.  Pack appropriate gear for changing weather patterns and time of day.

Don’t compromise your safety or that of others by not being prepared...mechanically, mentally and physically!

The cure for March Madness arrives in just two short weeks!  Give or take a few days!  Daylight savings starts on March 9th, Spring’s wonderful magic begins on the 15th, and St. Patty’s Day the 17th!  Halleluiah!

Ride Safe, Have Fun!
Pat Gwozdz

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