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Vice President Gets Engaged!

by Janet Rich

Once upon a time in the land of My Space, I signed up to see if there was others out there who rode a Rune as I did. I had a rough go around with my ex one day and Bob was listed as one of my friends on the site. He offered a sympathetic ear of which I reluctantly excepted and we started to chatting.

I warned the man that the last thing I was looking for was a relationship and he asked "when was the last time I saw a movie in the theatre?"  Well I was not a movie go-er unless it was Good Friday and I took my best friend and her girls out for our traditional pajama movie night. My ex hated to sit in a movie theatre so we never went. We would wait for the DVD to come out.

Anyway, I met Bob for a bite to eat and a movie. Little did he know that I drive the same Dodge truck he does...burgundy in color to boot. He was a perfect gentleman and I was instantly smitten. As I sat and watched the movie "911", all I could think of was when was the next time I could see him.

Bob is a romantic, of which my ex rarely if ever was. Bob and I have been together through thick and thin for 2 years and 2 months. He supports all I do in earnest and I the same for him.

On October 20th, our 2 year 2 month anniversary, he took the opportunity to propose. I have a private deck off of my bedroom and a chiminea that sits on the deck. Now since I had injured my back, he wrapped me securely in a fluffy blanket and parked a warm hat upon my head. I really looked quite foolish although nice and warm. He lit the fire in the chiminea and we talked about the beautiful leaves that were changing and the stars being so bright. He started to recite a poem to me which he made up about our deep friendship and love for each other, then......on bended knee, he asked me to make his life fulfilled and marry him.

Well, now comes the tears since we both were crying. He presented a leather ring box that ironically had a light in the dome which shone down on the ring inside. He seemed stuck in time although I said yes, he'd still not placed the ring upon my finger. I did mention that fact and he quickly placed it on my hand. A moment I will not soon forget.

We have only picked the month of October for a wedding. We don't know yet which year. We have a lot to get together before we plan a wedding but you all will know when we do. In the meantime, I have a pretty bauble that Mickey claimed "you can skate on that ice" and I'm very happy that I have such a loving partner.

Janet D. Rich
Vice President





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