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Summer is Already Gone !

by Liz Smith

As I write this, Labor Day has come and gone, our intrepid adventurers have returned safely from Colorado (or even California!), and once again I find myself driving to work in the dark. Where has the summer gone? Personally, due to the mostly cool, wet weather over the summer I think we got gypped, and hopefully the fall will hold some nice riding weather in store for us.

Personally, my job situation has not been great (as with many of us) – but fortunately I found another place to land in the company for at least a few more months. Only time will tell if this turns into something a little more permanent, or if I will soon be scrambling for work again. Think positive!

I hope everyone has had a nice summer and has been able to take advantage of the riding opportunities available.

I’m looking forward to putting together our route for the 2009 New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge, and hopefully we can rally a few folks to participate in all or part of it. It’s really a fun weekend, taking place on October 17th & 18th. The following weekend is the beginning of Polar Bear Season (already)!

On a separate note, Trick-or-Suite is fast approaching, taking place on Thursday, October 29th. If we decide to participate this year we’ll need to choose a theme and get going on decorations and costumes.

And before you know it we’ll be into the holiday season, including elections for our 2010 board. So I would like to invite everyone to do a little soul searching in the meantime, and think about whether you can devote some time to do some work for the club in the form of serving in office. It’s not a huge amount of work, but it’s important to the welfare of the club. If you are interested but not quite ready to make a commitment, please talk to me or any of the current officers to see how you might be able to help out.

I hope to see you at the next meeting or on the road!



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