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A Message from the President
Michele (Mickey) Reutty

The way I came to know about Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club, Inc. was through the Internet.

I had my motorcycle license but wanted a group of experienced, supportive women to ride with so that I could improve my riding skills.

So I went on the Internet. I found several women’s motorcycle clubs in New Jersey…but for one reason or another, they just didn’t seem a good fit.

Then I happened upon the Spokes-Women’s website. At that time, the members’ emails were listed, and I noticed one of the member’s email addresses had an extension that indicated that she worked in a library, the same as me. I emailed her, asking about the club and she invited me to attend a meeting.

I found what I was looking for at Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club, and I thank Liz, the Library Assistant, and Donna, the Club’s Webmaster for leading me here. Over the years, my riding has improved.  I have benefited from the members’ years of experience and have gone on journeys I never would have attempted on my own. You can become as involved as you want to be and I decided I wanted to be.

We are truly a group of interesting women. We have lawyers, stay-at-home moms, managers of daycare centers, nurses, engineers, librarians, retirees and college instructors. We range in age from the 20’s to the 60’s. We ride ALL makes and sizes of motorcycles.

If you are a woman who has her motorcycle license, is thinking about getting a motorcycle license, or used to have a motorcycle license, I invite you to attend a Spokes-Women meeting and “try us on for size.” I’m sure you will find a warm welcome, and we may even be a “good fit” for you, too.

Just click on the “Contact Us” line on the home page and our membership chair, Carmela, will get in touch with you.

So come on out to a meeting-this may just be the year you make your motorcycle dreams come true!

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