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Reader’s Digest Bio of Michele Marie Anne Reutty Walters Maiullo Reutty (Mickey)
by Michele (Mickey) Reutty

1949 - I enter the world on Monday, October 17th.

1950’s - Million Dollar Movie is a TV program that plays the same movie every night of the week at the same time.

I see Marlon Brando in “Wild Ones” and fall in love.

I love the song “Terror of Highway 101”


1960’s - My brother begins a pattern of buying a used motorcycle, riding it, then trading it in after a year or two. From 1969 to 1973, these are the bikes he owned…or more accurately, the bikes that owned him:

  • A Motoguzzi, whose engine would die when you turned on the lights (he borrowed the money from our mother for that one, so Mom read the dealer the riot act and got him to fix it)
  • A pink Harley shovelhead (he said the spray can he sprayed the gas tank with said “Purple”)
  • A servi-car trike (5 mph rounding corners, tops).

I am stunned by the beautiful simplicity of Wyeth’s “Draft Age” biker

I am around 14 when a guy from High School takes me for my first motorcycle ride. I am afraid of the bike, so I ask him to shut off the engine and paddle foot the bike from the corner of my block to my house --- he likes me so he does it. I will love you forever Jimmy Bulmer!

This is the way the songwriters wrote about motorcycles during the summer of Love:

I am around 15 and cutting school for the first and last time. A friend of a friend shows up with his Harley and shouts “Who wants to go for a ride?” I tuck my skirt between my legs and sit side-saddle. I hold on for dear life: I wrap my hands around his waist and he places his hand over mine. Woo Hoo!


1967 - I’m living in Pennsylvania on a farm. Every night a biker drives past the farm house at 11 p.m. on his way to work the night shift at the local Charmin factory. The man I’m living with is roused nightly from him sleep by the bike winding out. He must get up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows.

That man is so jealous of the biker’s freedom that he begins cutting wood and measuring chain in order to be able to pull a chain at throat level across the road when the biker passes so he can injure or kill the biker. The biker, for whatever reason, stops going past and the man loses interest in the project.


1969 - Born To Be Wild becomes the Biker’s National Anthem. (Did you know the phrase Heavy Metal was coined in this song?) My brother’s friend has a “Captain America Helmet.”


1970’s - I’m busy birthing babies. Then I am back in Jersey. Then I’m on my way to a divorce.
Still the Springsteen song strikes a cord … and every time I hear a motorcycle engine winding out in the distance it tears up my soul just a little.


1976 - The anniversary of our nation’s freedom-and mine. My Divorce is final.

I date for the next 7 years. Some of the guys are wonderful. Some of the guys ride bikes. Some of the guys who ride bikes are wonderful.

I go to DMV for a test booklet to study. I go for the test. It is all Greek to me. Seems I was given the car test book, instead of the motorcycle book. By an act of God (and just from being a passenger on motorcycles) I pass with a 90!

A sweetheart of a guy named Joe tries to teach me to ride his Honda. After a couple of hours, he says I’m ready to go out on the highway. The bike dies on Rt. 22 with Joe on the back! I put my dream aside for a while.


1980 - My son-in-law tries to teach me to ride. He says he’s never seen anyone get the concept of shifting so fast. (I learned how to drive on a stick shift.) On the day I’m to go for my test, Hurricane Gloria hits … a sign from above?


1984 - Second marriage. Second husband says “No wife of mine is going to get a tattoo or ride a motorcycle.”


September 12, 2001- I ask myself what have I not done that, if I were to die tomorrow, I would regret not doing. Number one on my list: learn to ride a motorcycle.


August, 2002 - I graduate from the motorcycle foundation course. I get my motorcycle license.


October 8, 2002 - Second husband is right…no wife of his will have a tattoo or a motorcycle---
Divorce final.


To be continued …

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