Riding The Tail of The Dragon

Several of the Spokes-Women rode the Dragon's Tail at Deal's Gap when we went to the Women's and Motorcycling Conference in 2006. There are three-hundred and eighteen turns in eleven miles. Throw in the climbing and dropping altitudes of the Great Smoky Mountains and it’s switchback lovers heaven.

Deal’s Gap North Carolina is where you want to start if your going to ride the Dragon’s Tail. Check out this videos to see first hand why the call it Dragon Tail.

The guy in the video is riding a sport bike so he can take the curves a littler faster than I could on my harley but not that much faster. Also, I don't make it a habit to cross the double yellow line when I can't see around the curve nor do I normally pass illegally (I don't like having accidents or paying tickets).

I dearly love driving or riding through curves and do it every chance I get in both my car and on my bike.

My floorboards proudly bear the scars of scraping the roadway on the really sharp turns while riding the Dragon's tail..

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