A New Beginning ...
by Janet Rich

Well folks, most of you know that after 25 years of marriage, Bill Britland and I divorced. Just goes to show not everything is at it appears to be. Yeah we had a good run of about 15 years but…you don’t need details. I still have many great memories, like the times Bill was an honorary Spokie and ride captain for the Wildwood trips. Unfortunately that was the only time we saw him until the annual Holiday party.

Once divorced, I vowed never to do anything so foolish, such as remarry, again. You all know now how that plan turned out….hee, hee, hee. I have a saying, man plans and God laughs. The man upstairs must have had a real good belly laugh on me. Here’s the story.

Long before the divorce was final; my daughter set me up on My Space so I could try to set up a small group of people who exclusively rode my type of bike, what some of my friends like to call “The Freightliner”. I ride a Honda Valkyrie Rune of which Honda only produced a limited amount over a period of 18 months. Well my efforts didn’t pan out very well but I did make a few friends along the way, one of which was Robert Harris aka.Tiny.

I had been writing to Bob over a period of about a month thru My Space. He knew my situation and offered friendly conversation to help my stressed out mind. There was an incident with Bill and Bob knew I was very upset. He offered his phone number, private email, and promised he was an excellent listener. Three days later I called. He didn’t lie about being a good listener and offered sound advice.  A few days after that we spoke and during conversation, he asked about the last time I went to the movies. Bill had never really cared to sit in a movie theatre so I only went once a year on Good Friday with my girlfriend and her kids as a tradition I started for them when she became divorced.

Before entering into this movie deal, I gave the man a disclaimer. I was in NO WAY looking for a boyfriend in the commitment sense. There would also be NO SEXUAL INVOLVEMENT with this friendship. He virtually singed on the dotted line. There was only one problem here……..man plans and God laughs.

We agreed to meet for a snack at Bennigans and a movie afterward. He told me that he drove a Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck, burgundy, I told him nothing about my mode of transport…..hee, hee.

I pulled into the lot of Bennigans in my Dodge Ram 1500 (burgundy) truck and headed straight for him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes get that large before. He was so dumbfounded at seeing me in an identical vehicle to his; he had his jaw on the floor. Well, needless to say, we had a snack, saw a movie, and started dating. Yeah I know, I said I wouldn’t get involved but ……….what I planned went right out the window.

The wedding was October 10th 2009, three years and two months after that fateful night at the movies. The man is just wonderful and has seen me though some really hard times in my life so far. My dad passed away March 14th 2008 and I had a severe herniated disc which crushed my sciatic nerve in October 2008. I can put some of the blame on my dad for my recent marriage to Mr. Robert B. Harris. Bob had the privilege of knowing my dad for 18 months before dad passed away suddenly from a brain hemorrhage.

 I had fallen victim to one of those nasty virus’s that make you spend 24 hours very close to your commode, guessing at which end of you will explode first. Bob carried me back and forth to my most precious commode for those 24 hours; wiping my brow, holding my hair, cleaning up after me if I missed, making the floor comfortable for my knees, etc. My dad told me to keep him because Bob was the only man on the planet that would do that for me beside him. He was right, my ex-husband normally left me on the floor and would periodically check to make sure I was still breathing.

We had a wonderfully simple ceremony and reception in North Brunswick at Sir John’s restaurant on Farrington Lake. The fall leaves were in full color and we decorated everything ourselves. I wish I could have invited my Spokes-Women family but the budget was very small. Bob had lost his job in February of 2009 and by the time I said “I do”, I had lost mine also. With the help of our family and a few friends who could provide services like music and photography, we started a wonderful new chapter in our lives.

Bob is now an associate member of Spokes-Women M.C., Inc and is always at the meetings and events with me. I really got lucky this time. He’s a true partner in my life.

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