Flying with SIS

On May 22nd, Louise from the Sisters in Spirit lead a ride through Somerset, Warren and Hunterdon counties on some nice back roads ending up at the Sky Manor airport in Pittstown for lunch. 

Most of the riders met in Dunellen, but Pita and I met Louise, PJ, Shirley, Stephanie, Carmela, Lori and a guy friend of Louise (can’t remember his name) at the 206/Washington Valley Rd intersection.

Carmela’s bike was acting up and when we got close to home she went directly

there, not wanting to break down on the road.   I called her when we got close to the airport and she joined us for lunch in her car.  


Sky Manor is a small airport that has a little restaurant and you can sit outside on the picnic tables and watch the small planes take off and land. We had a nice lunch and took some photos with one of the planes and then continued on some more country roads, making our way back towards Somerset County, where Pita and I broke off and headed north towards home.   

It was Lori’s first ride with us on her new bike….she handled it well.

From Left, Carmela, PJ, Lori, Stephanie, Shirley, Laura, Louise and Pita


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