Long Valley Polar Bear Run!
by Laura Sisto

Sunday, March 7th, was the first warm day of the New Year. Polar Bear's destination was to the Long Valley Brew & Pub. The parking lot is big but was crowded and the restaurant doesn't really hold a lot of people so there was no place to move around in. Our group of 12 had a 45 minute wait for a table, so I led them all to the Valley Restaurant & pub up the street.

Packed parking lot at LVBP

Here are some photos starting from Legion in Piscataway, the sign in at LVBP and then at the final destination the restaurant. This was Danny's first ride since his accident so he used Pita's bike and did well. We normally have the usual riders, Laura, Jan, Shirley and Deborah ... today, because it was so warm, we had some extras ... Nancy, Bob and Gloria who have ridden with us earlier in the season plus Nick and Jim were new to us.

Stephanie joined us after selling her chocolates.

Thanks to Nancy for the photos

Bob on his Suzuki

Deborah talking to some unknown guy while PJ and
Shirley look at something that Nick is doing.

Danny, Laura, PJ, Jan, Shirley hiding behind Jan, Nick,
Nancy & Jim

Shirley, Nick and Laura

Shirley and Nick

Bob, Gloria, Laura

Danny, Bob, Laura, PJ, Shirley, Nick, Deborah, Jan

Deborah and Jan

Danny and Jim
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